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The Border Collie is a working and herding dog breed developed in the Anglo-Scottish border region for herding livestock, especially sheep. It was specifically bred for intelligence and obedience.

Considered highly intelligent, extremely energetic, acrobatic and athletic, they frequently compete with great success in sheepdog trials and dog sports. They are often cited as the most intelligent of all domestic dogs. 

This versatile breed amazed us from the first time we meet! Let us tell you more about our breeding work and life with our lovely dogs! 

Our kennel’s aim is breeding dogs, who besides working ability (agility, herding, trialling etc.) will be successful showdogs. We do therapy work with our youngsters,  Health is very important for us, so we breed only health tested dogs with FCI A or B hip dysplasia results. We consider the puppy’s temperament when we choose a family.   We breed occasionally if you are interested in a puppy feel free to contact us. 

Márta Pataki


· Our puppies are raised in the house and well socialized before going to their new homes.

· Each puppy goes through the “Super-dog program known as Early Neural Stimulation (ENS). Puppies are exposed to different surfaces, textures, temperatures etc. even before their eyes open.  Research has shown that puppies that go through ENS are stronger both emotionally and physically.

· Each puppy will also go through the Vollhard Temperament Test to find out their core temperament.  This same test is used for therapy dogs, and military/police dogs, and gives the new owner another tool to identify their new puppy’s strengths and weaknesses.

· As puppies grow they will be exposed to a variety of new sights (umbrella, bike, etc) and sounds (sirens, hoover etc). 

· Puppies will be socialized with Children and withour cat, as they get older, will go for walks to the field.

Puppies will go for car rides and we start the cage training. 

All this and more will be done to give you a well socialized puppy that quickly adapts to your new home and your lifestyle.


Our champions:
Greenpire Burlington – Slovenian Junior Champion, Hungarian Champion, Austrian Champion, International Champion, multiple BOB, BOG, BOG2, Clubstar
Love Of Scotland Alyth – Hungarian Junior Champion, Hungaria Champion, Austrian Champion, International Champion, multiple BOB, CACIB, she won the Open class on World Dogshow and the Club show next day. 
Love Of Scotland Breanna – Serbian Champion, Montenegro Champion, Hungarian Champion, Clubstar 2012-2015
Love Of Scotland First Of All – Hungarian Junior Champion
Maccabee Love’s In The Air – Hungarian Junior Champion, Hungarian Champion, Hungarian Show Champion, 3xBOB, 5xBOS, 3xCACIB


I started to train my younger border collies for therapy dog. It is not easy to do therapy work with border collies, they are often too sensitive for this work. 
I choosed my youngsters after they were tested at puppy age and they were not that sensitive for noises, new items, new circumstances. 
As I see they love this work, enjoy it very much either they are healthy or disabled children or adults. We work with Dogs for children – Children for dogs Foundation. 


Viola L.

First of all I wanted a puppy out from a kennel where the dogs are health screened. I read on the website the mother is therapy dog and I thought she must have great temperament. I could visit the kennel before the puppies were born and met the dogs. Another plus point was that the breeder keeps her old dogs as well not just the breeding stock. I think it is not a common thing.

Zsuzsa T.

With Skye a dream can come true for me! Thank you for the trust, the advices, the patience! The reasons I’ve choosen your kennel are: You breed border collies on high quality and more than 10 years long. Your dogs are family members – the oldies as well – and they are multiple champions and best of breed winners. You let me see your weekdays, we could visit you. The puppies are beautiful, healthy and temperament tested. Before you choose a puppy to the owner, you try to know the new owner’s lifestyle, so finally everyone can get the puppy who’s the best matched. You won’t let us down after we pick up the puppy, we can stay connected and you give help if we have a problem. 

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