Love Of Scotland Breanna – Ready

Ready lives in the Dashing Dawn kennel. Timi passed the BH exam with her and she had a successful show carrier. Now she is retired from breeding, lives the happy and active life of the Dashing Dawn pack. 
Márta Pataki


DOB: 21. 05. 2009

Colour: black & white – castrated


  • Sire: Greenpire Burlington
  • Dam: Love Of Scotland Alyth

Breeder: Márta Pataki

Co-owner: Dashing Dawn kennel

Dashing Dawn C-litter 
Love of Scotland E-litter 




CL, CEA, TNS: Free (by parentage)
PRA, Kat. Free
HD-A Free
ED-0 Free
OCD Free


Herding Instinct Test 

BH exam (84/100) 


Show results

Serbian Champion
Montenegro Champion
Clubstar 2012
Clubstar Brood Bitch 2013

Clubstar Brood Bitch 2014

Clubstar Brood Bitch 2015

  1. August 2009 Budapest CAC: Very Promising I. and Res.BABY BIS
  2. September 2009 Székesfehérvár CAC: Very Promising I. and BABY BIS III. 
    23. May 2010 Komárom CACIB: young class Excellent II., judge: Peter Bailey (GB) 
    30. May Nagyvázsony CAC: young classExcellent I. HPJ, judge: Ildikó Muzslai 
    06. June 2010 Székesfehérvár CAC: young class Excellent II, judge: László István 
    12. June 2010 Pécs CACIB: young class Excellent I. HPJ, judge: Barbara Müller (CH) 
    19. June 2010 Budapest CAC: young class Excellent III., judge: Dr. Gábor Hargitai 
    03. October 2010 Szentes CAC: young classExcellent  I. judge: Zoltán Vatai(SRB) 
    21. April 2012 Odzaci CACIB (SRB): open class Excellent I. CAC, CACIB, BOB, judge: Curic Zoran (SRB) 
    22. April 2012 Backo Petrovo Selo CAC (SRB): open class Excellent I. CAC, BOB and SERBIA CHAMPION! judge: Andric Slavoljub (SRB) 
    12. Mai 2012 Belisce CAC (Hr): open class Excellent I. CAC, judge: Srecko Kukic (Hr) 
    03. Juni 2012 Velika Gorica CAC (Hr): champion class Excellent I. CAC, judge: Jadranka Mijatovic (Hr) 
    23. Juni 2012 Pécs CACIB: champion class Excellent I. CAC, Res.CACIB, judge: Korózs-Papp Judit 
    24. Juni 2012 Pécs CACIB: champion class Excellent II. Res.CAC, judge: Jean-Claude Larive (F) 
    01. July 2012 Kaposvár CAC: champion class Excellent I. CAC, BOB, BOG I., judge: Dubravka Reicher (Hr) 
    24 July 2012 Cetinje CACIB (Mne): champion class Excellent I. CAC, Res.CACIB, judge: Slavoljub Andric (Srb) 
    25. July 2012 Cetinje CACIB (Mne): champion class Excellent I.CAC, CACIB, BOB, and MONTENERGO CHAMPION! judge: Vojislav Brajovic (Mne)