Maccabee Love’s In The Air – Nissa

She arrived from the Maccabee kennel, Finland. She is our most active border collie. She has exceptional herding instinct, she keeps really big distance on sheep. Int he future we plan to make the herding working exam. She is therapy dog, successfully passed the exam in January 2018. We work with children and adults with mental disabilites. I can’t be thankful enough for her breeder, Ella Lamusuo. She is the BORDER COLLIE I always dreamed about!

Márta Pataki


DOB: 20. 10. 2014

Colour: black & white


  • Sire: Sterling Switch To Dutch
  • Dam: Maccabee Funky Lady FCI

Breeder: Ella Lamusuo – Maccabee kennel – Finland

Owner: Márta Pataki


Litter H – Qeltynn The Joker (imp AUS)



CEA, PRA, KAT, RDP 6 weeks of age

CEA, PRA, KAT, RDP, goniscopy: clear, free 2016.07.18

HD-A 2017.10.27

ED – 0                                 

OCD – free

full dentition



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Baby class

2015.05.02 AAPKK clubshow: very promising 2. judge: Lauren Sommers 

Junior class

2015.08.02 Herend CAC: EX. I, HPJ, Best Junior, BOS Judge: Szabó Sándor

2015.08.16 Devecser CAC: EX. I, HPJ, Best Junior, BOS Judge: Szabó Sándor

2015.09.26 OMÉK Grand Prix, Budapest: EX. I, HPJ, Best Junior, BOS Judge: Muzslai Péter

2015.10.11 Komárom CACIB: K2 Judge: Kardos Vilmos

2016.01.10 Budapest CACIB: EX. I, HPJ, BOS Judge: Szabó Sándor

Felnőtt classok (intermediate és Open)

2016.02.18 FEHOVA CACIB, Budapest: EX. I, CAC, ResCACIB Judge: Harsányi Péter

2016.02.19 FEHOVA CACIB Budapest: EX. I, CAC, CACIB, BOS Judge: Ruth Wagner

2016.02.20 FEHOVA CACIB Budapest: EX. I, CAC, ResCACIB Judge: Muzslai Ildikó

2016.05. 14 Szilvásvárad CACIB: K2, CAC Judge: Mrs Penny Richards

2016.05.14 AAPKK Klubkiállítás: EX. I, CAC Judge: Morten Matthes

  1. 10.01 Tulln (A) CACIB: K2, resCAC Judge: Barry Crofter
  2. 01.08 Budapest CACIB: CAC, CACIB, BOB Judge: Harsányi Péter

2017.02.18 Aapkk klub kiállítás: CAC Judge: Claus-Peter Fricke

Hungária Champion és Hungária Show Champion cím feltétele teljesült!

  1. 02.19 Winterdogshow Budapest: CAC, CACIB Judge: Muzslai Péter
  2. 03.25 HCSC Club kiállítás: resCAC Judge: Heidi Poschacher 

2017.08.19 Devecser: resCAC Judge: Korózs-Papp Judit

2017.09.02 Kecskemét: CAC, BOB Judge: Tal Yaffe

2017.09.02 Kecskemét: CAC, BOB Judge: Szabó Sándor

2017.09.17 AAPKK Speciál CAC: CAC Judge: Edit Soltesz