About US

My name is Marta Pataki. I’m agricultural-engineer, and I live in Veszprem, Hungary.

I saw border collies first time in 2000. When I spent my summer as a strawberry picker in Scotland. Two borders gathered sheep in a moment, it was breathtaking and love at first sight.

At the end of 2003 I started to look after a border collie, there was not too much kennels in Hungary at that time. At the end I choose Forestry Farm kennel. Bodza was birth on 02.03.2004. She is my first border collie, but definitely not the last!

We are a small breeder, breeding quality, not quantity. Our goal in every litter is to improve the breed through selective breeding.  All our breeding animals are carefully screened for health clearances, including hips, elbows, shoulders, eyes and DNA for genetic diseases such as CEA/CL etc. All our puppies come with a full written health guarantee. 

How we Raise Our Puppies

  •  Our puppies are raised in the house and well socialized before going to their new homes.
  •  Each puppy goes through the “Super-dog program known as Early Neural Stimulation (ENS). Puppies are exposed to different surfaces, textures, temperatures etc. even before their eyes open.  Research has shown that puppies that go through ENS are stronger both emotionally and physically.
  • Each puppy will also go through the Vollhard Temperament Test to find out their core temperament.  This same test is used for therapy dogs, and military/police dogs, and gives the new owner another tool to identify their new puppy’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • As puppies grow they will be exposed to a variety of new sights (umbrella, bike, etc) and sounds (sirens, hoover etc). 
  • Puppies will be socialized with Children and withour cat, as they get older, will go for walks to the field.
  • Puppies will go for car rides and we start the cage training. 

All this and more will be done to give you a well socialized puppy that quickly adapts to your new home and your lifestyle.

Márta Pataki